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Success Stories

The key to success is to start before you are ready - Marie Forleo

“Aesha was absolutely great to work with! She was knowledgeable, supportive and most of all passionate about helping us. I was always hesitant to have a sleep trainer because I was against the cry-it-out method. Aesha was the first to tell me that it doesn’t need to be. There are other ways to teach your child to practice safe-sleep. She guided us through the process in a way that we as parents were comfortable with & still continues to do so when we need!” - Payal (mom of an 18-month old)

“Aesha is very patient, knowledgeable and knows of different approaches that will work based on your comfort level. My little one was sleep trained previously but after 2 long hospital stays, she was waking up crying multiple times a night, wanted milk at 5AM and was having a hard time going down for naps. After 2 nights of implementing the plan Aesha made for her, she was sleeping through the night again, taking 2 hour naps and wasn’t looking for milk at 5AM! Her passion for helping new parents is evident in the way she offers advice and tells stories based on her experience with her two little ones!” - Priya, a well rested mommy!

“Aesha was the best to work with - she is knowledgeable, patient, supportive and encouraging throughout the sleep training process. Her passion shows with her prompt communication and guidance. There are multiple sleep training methods and teaching your child safe, healthy sleep habits is a choice everyone should have access to. We were thrilled to have our little one sleeping independently through the night and for naps without early morning wakings. Thank you Aesha for making our lives as parents easier and our baby happy and well-rested!” - Jalpa (mama of a 4-month old)

“Before using Sweet Little Dreamers, my son was waking every hour and staying awake after 4AM! With help from Aesha, she was able to customize a plan for my little one and help get him settled into a routine. Now he can fall asleep independently and stay asleep in his crib until morning! Before we started sleep training, we were sleep deprived and had lost all hope in our little baby sleeping past 4AM. Aesha helped our family and our little one get more sleep. We have really benefited from the support and knowledge Aesha has provided. Thank you so much!” - Nima (mama of an 11-month old)

"Aesha was truly amazing to work with. We sleep trained our son around 4.5 months and were successful. When we all got COVID, he regressed and after that it was a slippery slope of co-sleeping & rocking him to sleep. We tried to do it on our own but our son was 8 months by then and very strong-willed to say the least. We reached out to Aesha and after our initial consult made a recommendation as to which package she thought made the best sense for our situation. She provided us with a plan and was easily available to answer all our questions. She touched base with us daily and provided solutions to nightly problems (son would stand up and cry in his crib). With Aesha's guidance we were able to successfully get Lucas to not only sleep through the night but also learn to fall asleep on his own. We highly recommend Aesha and will be recommending her to our friends as well!" - Vileena (mama of an 8 month old baby boy)

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